Holiday Lighting Season is just around the corner!

Holiday Lighting Season is just around the Corner!

While the end of summer is still some weeks away, that just means that the Holiday Lighting Season is just around the corner!  For most of us we cringe when we walk into a retail store before Labor day and see the Halloween decorations and heaven forbid that we see the Christmas Decor, but here at 417 Outdoor Living we are already gearing up for a great Holiday Lighting season.  We do this so that we can offer our customers the best quality products, beautiful design, professional installation, professional take down and secure storage solutions when the time is right for you our customer.

Commercial Holiday Lighting

Commercial Holiday Lighting service, Commercial Holiday Decorating Service

For those that either own or manage commercial properties in Springfield, MO, Nixa, Mo, Ozark, MO or the surrounding areas it is time to start the planning and budgeting process to not only show your Christmas spirit, but to make your property stand out in the minds of your customers.  People generally enjoy seeing Holiday Lighting and it gives property managers the oppourtunity to give a lasting impression or even just draw attention to your location.

Commercial Christmas Lighting Services




Residential Holiday Lighting


Residential customers in Springfield, MO, Nixa, MO and Ozark, MO and surrounding areas can start the process a bit slower since they are generally have smaller projects and don’t require quite as much product and labor the pre-planning can be a bit less daunting, but if you want to make your home the showpiece of the neighborhood this coming season don’t delay.  We offer some of the highest quality lighting and decor available, but supplies are generally limited and we don’t want you to be disappointed if we couldn’t get that special piece that really made your display stand out.





Here is a bit more about our Holiday Lighting Service


holiday lighting design


Our professional designer will come to your home and personally explain, in-depth each phase of the process and how everything works. Then, he or she will ask you what your vision is and give you some design suggestions. After that, our designer will sketch up a lighting design and provide a complete program for you.

holiday lighting product


As a part of the program, we supply commercial-grade Christmas lights. From roof lights to tree lights, we give you the best quality available. These lights will last long and provide you with the best way to achieve your home’s desired holiday look.

holiday lighting installation


Our professional holiday lighting decorators have many years of experience, we ensure that your lights are installed correctly, safely and exactly how you want your lights to look.

holiday lighting maintenance


We provide you with continued maintenance throughout the season. If you should ever discover that lights have burnt out or are not working properly, just give us a call. We’ll happily come out to replace lights or make adjustments. Maintenance service is included with each program at no additional charge.

holiday lighting take down


At the end of the Holiday season you do not need to face the cold or climb ladders to take down your display. We will come and take down the lights at the start of the New Year. And if you’d like to leave your display up longer, let us know and we’ll schedule your take down for the date of your choosing.

holiday lighting storage


Once we have taken down your lights, we’ll pack them away properly for you and store them in our dry storage facility. This will leave your basement or garage with more room and less clutter.


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