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Make your house look like a million bucks and keep it safe while doing it.

The 417 Outdoor Living  team of designers realize that your home is a reflection of yourself and your family and with that we have the opportunity to not only make your home more beautiful but to make it more functional, enjoyable and even safer after the sun goes down.

LED Lighting Systems

As LED lighting technology has made it’s mark on the landscape lighting industry, outdoor lighting systems have become more energy efficient ,easier to maintain and in some ways even easier to install.  We’ve embraced and incorporated these new technologies into nearly all of our outdoor lighting designs yet we continue to admire the soft warm white look and feel of a conventional bulb.  In recognizing this, we install a landscape lighting system that is energy efficient and built to last but most importantly it results in a creatively designed outdoor lighting system that enhances  the beauty and functionality of your home in a way that only 417 Outdoor Living can.

We not only offer our Residential and Commercial customers the highest quality fixtures, components, installation and service for Low Voltage LED Lighting systems, but also offer Party lights or Bistro lights to give your 417 Outdoor Living area a bit more atmosphere while entertaining guest or just relaxing in your beautiful outdoor living space.


While many of us are working hard and putting in long hours on the job, we often don't get a chance to see our homes until after dark. Soft lighting in a dark outdoor environment is nothing short of magic. It provides a warm, inviting atmosphere  that draws us outdoors. It can create a relaxing  mood, romance, and drama. It adds interest and intrigue to any setting and allows you to highlight the pride you take in your home. A tremendous number of homeowners are capturing this magic in their lawns and landscapes  through nightscaping, one of the hottest trends in outdoor home improvement today.

Lighting can be one of the most important aspects of landscape and hardscape design, yet it is often overlooked or underdone. Quality outdoor lighting design allows you to draw attention to focal points and hide imperfections. It can also be used to enhance safety and security, to accent special trees or plantings, and to create a festive atmosphere for outdoor entertaining.


Landscape lights can serve a number of needs, from letting you walk safely down a path at night, to giving you a place to spend quality time with your family after work. Outdoor lighting even deter burglars and reduce crime. It can be a challenge for homeowners, choosing which areas to light can be a daunting task.  417 Outdoor Living professionals can share their expert tips for lighting different areas of the landscape.

Highlight and Lowlight

Landscape lighting is more than just shining some direct light at a walkway or up a tree. There are techniques and methods for creating specific effects with lights, 417 Outdoor LIving can also use lighting  to accent the architecture of the home rather than the trees or walkways or patio areas. Home lighting gives you the chance to highlight features like columns  or pillars, or enjoy the shadowing effect of  lights on the surface of stone veneer. When you have a beautiful home, sometimes it’s more effective to light the architecture than the trees, or perhaps a combination of both to provide the perfect balance.

Maintaining the investment in your outdoor lighting can be as simple as choosing one of our maintenance plans that fit your expectations and budget.