Low Voltage Lighting

Low Voltage Lighting

Residential or Commercial Space Enhancements

Enhance and Impress with
Low Voltage Lighting

417 Outdoor Living uses low voltage lighting to enhance the appearance of residential setting as well as commercial applications such as churches, banks, bed & breakfasts, putting greens, basketball courts, subdivision entrances, retirement homes, office buildings, medical facilities and restaurants just to name a few. Check us out!!

Low Voltage outdoor lighting can be used to set the mood for an inviting, relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere and when applied correctly can even set the stage for the perfect romantic encounter, give us a call to set an appointment for your lighting consultation.


The standards followed by 417 Outdoor Living are based on the National Electric Code (NEC) and the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals.  All system components sold and installed are UL Listed. Long-term maintenance of systems installed to these standards results in low voltage lighting system performance and longevity.  We service and repair systems installed by others as well.
Many homeowners know that exterior lighting provides both safety and aesthetic appeal. Applied the correct way, outdoor lighting can turn your yard into a high-end resort. It increases your pleasure of your home in addition, it improves security. With exterior landscape lighting you have the power to turn a dark backyard into an entertainment zone.

Incandescent to LED Conversion

If you have been thinking about changing your outdoor landscape lighting system due to the high cost of operation with Incandescent bulbs, but you really like the appearance of your existing system and don’t really want to spend the money to replace your system. Give us a call we may be able to convert your old inefficient system into a much more efficient LED system, while saving you a significant amount of money not only in replacement cost, but also your monthly utility bill. This will not only save you money, but will also prevent having to disturb the landscaping around your home.

Why install Low Voltage Lighting

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Display the Beauty of your home after dark
  • Enhance Prized flowers or shrubs
  • Highlight Trees, Pools and Fountains
  • Show off Statuary and Architectural Features

Practical Benefits

  • Security – Lighting can deter would be Thieves or Vandals
  • Safety – Lighting can highlight potential trip hazards and help avoid other accidents
  • Financial Benefits such as increased visual appeal and increased home values

The LED Advantage!

Operating Characteristics
What is an LED light? An LED is a light emitting diode on a  semiconductor that generates light when current is applied to it, which is very different from incandescent and or halogen technology currently used in lighting. There are also different types of LED emitters that have different characteristics that affect their application in lighting.

Most of the products installed by 417 Outdoor Living are rated at 50,000 hour useful life span  and offer  years of trouble free lighting, easily saving money in replacement cost and Labor costs for the equivalent ten to fifteen halogen lamp changes.

Energy Savings
Although LED lights are more expensive to buy, in the long run, they are worth it. This is because they have a much longer life than halogen bulbs at anywhere from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. You can rest assured that your landscape lighting will burn bright for much longer than one year. Like halogen lights, the lighting ability of LED lights is very good. You will get great quality out of your landscape lighting when you use LEDs.
Maintenance costs are much less frequently needed and end up being less money with LED lighting. You will not have to do much in that regard, and this type of lighting is much more energy efficient.
In fact, you can save up to 80 percent of your typical energy costs when you use LED lights for your landscape lighting.